Episode 2

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8th Jul 2019

Ep.2 - Connecting with People, Putting in the Work, and Jumping in with Todd Hansen

Welcome back to the 2nd episode of the Hard Thing Podcast. In this episode, I'll be joined by my guest Todd Hansen, Todd and I will talk about putting in the work, even in a very difficult and sometimes toxic environment. We'll also talk about learning how to jump in and give something your 100%. Todd will also share some insights into how he connects with people all across the United States, even when they've never met. This is a very impactful episode, and one you won't want to miss. Todd is an Emmy award winning Host and Producer. He currently is the executive producer and host of the tv show the Story Trek. Before that, Todd was a news anchor and reports for KSL Salt Lake City Utah. He's had many experiences doing many different things. He recently even launched his own app called Capchur. If you want to get in touch with Todd, find him on Instagram. It's an amazing episode, and one you're bound to get a lot of use out of. Action Items: For todays episode, there are two action items. 1. Start putting more effort into your work. Go above and beyond to really give it all you got. Even if it's something small. This will help you start to build momentum in your life. 2. Find someone to listen to and connect with. Talk with them and try and understand their story. Ask the deeper questions and try and get past the surface level conversation. This will help you learn how to build relationships. Go ahead and tell us how you're doing on these action items. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Share your stories. If you want to support the podcast, go ahead over to our website and check out our merchandise. Let us know what you think. I look forward to next episode and until then.... Keep doing Hard Things, and Overcoming Average. ---

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The Hard Thing podcast is focused on helping people improve their lives by learning how to do hard things.

Listen as I interview guests who have overcome average by doing hard things. Each of us has to go up against difficult challenges, but it's not the challenge that defines you. It's your overcoming of the challenge. I'll try and extract the methods used to do hard things so that average people like you and me can replicate their success.

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